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Dr Jeremy Skepper

Key Publications

Porter,A.E., Patel,N., Skepper,J.N., Best,S.M. & Bonfield. W. (2003) Comparison of in vivo dissolution processes in hydroxyapatite and silicon substituted hydroxyapatite bioceramics. Biomaterials 25, 4609-4620.

Porter,A.E., Patel,N., Skepper,J.N., Best,S.M. & Bonfield. (2004) Effect of sintered silicate-substituted hydroxyapatite on remodelling processes at the bone-implant interface. Biomaterials 16, 3303-3314.

Zhai,S., Hansen,R.K., Taylor,R., Skepper,J.N., Sanches,R. & Slater,N.K.H. (2004) Effect of freezing rates and excipients on the infectivity of a live viral vaccine during lyophilization. Biotechnology Progress 20, 1113-1120.

Hung,T.H., Charnock-Jones,D.S., Skepper,J.N. & Burton,G.J. (2004) Secretion of tumour necrosis factor-α from human placental tissues induced by hypoxia-reoxygenation caused endothelial cell activation in vitro: a potential mediator of the inflammatory response in preeclampsia. American Journal of Pathology 164, 1049-1061.

Trividi,R.A., U-King-Im,J.M., Graves,M.J., Cross,J.J., Horsley,J., Goddard,M.J., Skepper,J.N., Quartey,G., Warburton,E.A., Joubert,I., Wang,L., Kirkpatrick,P.J., Brown,J. & Gillard, (2004) In Vivo detection of macrophages in human carotid atheroma temporal dependence of ultrasmall superparamagnetic particles of iron oxide enhanced MR imaging. Stroke 35, 1631-1635.

Zhang,Q., Skepper,J.N., Ragnauth,C.D., Warren,D.T., Roberts,R.G., Weissberg,P.L., Ellis,J.A. & Shanahan,C.M. (2005) Nesprin-2 binds lamin and emerin at the nuclear envelope and is abundant in the sarcomere of skeletal muscle. Journal of Cell science 15, 673-687.

Kleinz,M.J., Skepper,J.N. & Davenport,A.P.(2005) Immunocytochemical localisation of the apelin receptor, APJ, to human cardiomyocytes, vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cells. Regulatory Peptides 126, 233-240.

Arrebola.F., Fernandez-Segura.E., Campos.A., Crespo.P.V., Skepper.J.N. & A Warley.A. (2006) Changes in intracellular electrolyte concentrations during apoptosis induced by UV irradiation of human myeloblastic (U937 ) cells. American Journal of Physiology 290, C638-649.

Usher-Smith.J.A., Skepper.J.N., Fraser.J.A. & Huang.C.L.H. (2006)The effect of repetitive stimulation on cell volume and the relationship to membrane potential in amphibian skeletal muscle. Pflugers Archives 11, 1-9.

Alexandra E. Porter, Karin Muller, Jeremy N Skepper, Paul Midgely, Mark Welland. (2006) Uptake of C60 by human monocyte macrophages. Its localization and implications for toxicity: studied by high resolution electron microscopy and electron tomography. Acta Biomaterialia 4, 409-419.

Critchlow.HM., Maycox.PR., Skepper.JN. & Krylova.O. (2006) Clozapine and haloperidol differentially regulate dendritic spine formation and synaptogenesis in rat hippocampal neurons. Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience. 32, 356-365.

Muller,K.H., Skepper,J.N., Posfai,M., Trevedi,R., Howarth,S., Corot,C., Lancelot,E., Thompson,P.W., Brown,A.P. & Gillard,J.H. (2007) Effect of ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (Ferumoxtran-10) on human monocyte-macrophages in vitro.Biomaterials 28, 1629-1642.