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Specimen preparation facilities

CAIC houses a large specimen preparation laboratory comprising laboratories that are available to a range of users including both TEM/SEM/Laser microscope facility users for specimen preparation.

The facility includes but is not limited to the following equipment items:

  • Dissecting microscopes (3) for delicate specimen preparation, manipulation & dissection
  • Quorum Emitech K100X glow discharge machine
  • Quorum Emitech K575X heavy metal gold and iridium sputter coater
  • Quorum Emitech K775X freeze dryer
  • Quorum Q150T evaporative carbon coater
  • Quorum E3000 and carbon dioxide critical point dryers
  • Quorum PP3010T cryo-SEM preparation and transfer system
  • Quorum plasma cleaner
  • Leica Ultracut E ultramicrotomes for embedded specimen sectioning.
  • 3 safety cabinets for SEM sample preparation
  • Cryopreparation facilities (cryo-plunging, cryo-manipulation, cryo-substitution)
  • Pipettes, forceps, tips, EM chemicals, SEM stubs, grids, ultrapure deionised water
  • Slides, coverslips, dished and boxes for specimen preparation
  • Water baths, centrifuges, ovens and microwaves
  • Leica 3050S cryostat
  • Orbital shakers and specimen embedding rotators at room temperature
  • Fridges 4 degrees and liquid nitrogen for storage of samples and reagents
  • A selection of histological and EM facilities including basic microscopic dyes and imaging reagents

Quorum E3100 CO2 critical point dryer (CPD)


Quorum PP3010T cryo-SEM preparation system