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Specimen Preparation Facilities

CAIC houses a large specimen preparation laboratory comprising laboratories that are available to a range of users including TEM microscope facility users for specimen preparation.

The facility includes but is not limited to the following equipment items:

  • Dissecting microscopes (3) for delicate specimen preparation, manipulation & dissection.
  • Leica Ultracut E ultramicrotomes (2) for embedded specimen sectioning.
  • Leica UCT ultramicrotome for embedded specimen sectioning.
  • Leica FC4 cryo-ultramicrotome.
  • Safety cabinets for TEM sample preparation.
  • Cryopreparation facilities including two Leica automated freeze substitution (AFS-I) machines.
  • Vitrobot IV ethane vitreous freezing device (for single particle virus or small protein analysis).
  • Pipettes, forceps, tips, ultrapure deionised water.
  • Slides, coverslips, dished and boxes for specimen preparation.
  • A selection of histological and EM facilities including basic microscopic dyes and imaging reagentsLeica ultramicrotomeReichert FC S cryoultramicrotome