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Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre


Custom built multiview light sheet microscope

LS2 Overview

Multiview light sheet microscope

The multiview light sheet microscope is comprised of two water immersion excitation lenses (Nikon 10x, 0.3NA) and one water immersion detection objective lens (Nikon 25x, 1.1NA). It allows fast volumetric imaging of millimeter sized samples with a resolution below 500 nm. Up to four laser lines in combinations with 6 emission filters can be used to image a wide variety of fluorophores for different imaging applications.

The microscope layout loosely follows the openSPIM design ( where the sample is embedded in agarose and mounted inside a capillary or FEP-tube. It is then translated and rotated through the imaging plane with piezo driven stages (Nanos Instrumente) with a precision below 100 nm. The fact that the sample can be translated and rotated quickly allows for fast and gentle imaging of large volumes for short and long term time lapse imaging.

A purpose-build labview based software has been developed and allows to acquire data sets in a manner suited for the specific experiment. This in combination with the open and flexible platform allows for adopting the instrument and software to particular requirements to help to answer specific questions, while maintaining general usability.