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Data analysis overview

Image analysis suite

Complementing the advanced imaging techniques developed and/or implemented in the centre, CAIC also aims to provide expertise for image analysis as well as high-volume data management and storage.

If you would like advice on image analysis problems please contact us Monday to Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm or by mail (). For the initial consultation please prepare some material that describes your problem. From there we can advise on possible tools to aid in solving this problem or begin a longer term collaboration to create a bespoke software solution.

The image analysis suite available at CAIC, consists of four workstations (3.7 GHz Quad Core, 32 GB RAM) and  can be booked online here (booking is to manage time, use of workstations is free of charge).

  • Workstations 1

OS: Windows 7

Imaris8, Matlab, R, Fiji

  • Workstations 2

    OS: Windows 7

    Matlab, R, Fiji
  • Workstation 3

OS: Ubuntu 14.04


  • Workstation 4 / down

OS: Windows 7

Imaris7, Huygens, Fiji, Amira