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Light Sheet Prototype

CAIC's prototype light sheet microscope

Zebrafish scanned with light sheet microscope

1.5 day old Zebrafish expressing Histone-GFP imaged with CAIC's light sheet microscope.

TriM Scope II by LaVision BioTec

ZnO nanowires partly liberated from their synthesis template (SEM)

Sinerem nanoparticles (magnetite ferrofluid for contrast-enhanced MRI) inside HMMs - STEM

Light Sheet Microscope

CAIC's prototype light sheet microscope funded by the Wolfson Foundation

Verios XHR SEM

Tecnai G2 TEM

Tecnai G2 80-200kv TEM, STEM, CRYO, EDX

Xana testing the TriM Scope II

Zebrafish retina

Half way through a developing Zebrafish eye imaged using our 2-photon microscope.

CAIC LightSheet1


The configuration of CAIC's first light sheet microscope

Chick Single Stack

Chick Stitched Stack





Comparison 1p and 2p light sheet


An artistic view of Müller glial cells (green)

An artistic view of Müller glial cells (green), which, MacDonald et al. reveal, act like springs to mechanically protect vertebrate retina. Image by Effigos AG. Image © 2015 MacDonald et al.



SEM image of microbes on graphene coated carbon foam.

SEM of electrogenic Rhodopseudomonas palustris (red) on a graphene coated carbon foam microbial fuel cell anode (grey) with a predatory ciliate (green/yellow) emerging from a pore. (Toby Call)