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Services and charges

A list of instrument charges

University of Cambridge all Departments and other academic establishments

Instrument£ per hour
SEM FEI Verios 460 56
TEM FEI Tecnai G2 (T20) 80-200kv TEM, STEM, CRYO, EDX 58
TriM Scope II multiphoton (First 6 hours) 35
TriM Scope II multiphoton (after 6 hours continuous use) 21
Upright Lightsheet microscope (First 6 hours) 30
Upright Lightsheet microscope (after 6 hours continuous use) 20
Leica SP2-UV0351/356 Confocal (per hour) 20
Leica SP8 (per hour) 25
Leica LMD 600 laser microdissection 20
Workstation 1 with Imaris 8 (Windows7, 32GB RAM) 3
Workstation 2 (Windows7, 32GB RAM) Free
Workstation 3 (Ubuntu 14.04, 32GB RAM) Free
Workstation 4 (Windows7, 32GB RAM) Free

Please contact  with requests for EM sample preparation services and charges.

All requests for services must be accompanied with a Departmental Order Number entered through PPMS. Charges do not include VAT.

Online booking

To use our online booking system you will first need to register (preferably with your CRSid if you have one).

To book a microscope you will then need to be trained to use it. Please fill out a training request form for the relevant microscope if you think you will require it.

Finally we will require you to register your project details which you will be using the microscope for.

Once you have registered, been trained and logged your project details you will be free to book the microscopes when they are available.

Please book through our online booking service.