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FEI Verios 460 scanning electron microscope

Model: FEI Verios 460 

Status: installed (2014) - imaging ready

  • Multiple, modern detectors including two routine SE and four BSE detectors
  • High contrast low landing energy settings allow detectors optimal imaging of more sensitive biological samples
  • To prevent specimen charging, imaging conditions can be adjusted to low accelerating voltages of 0.3–4 kV and currents
  • 1kV - 30kV with resolution better than 1 nm (0.7 nm) on optimal samples
  • Beam deceleration - high resolution imaging for samples with high surface sensitivity at very low kV
  • EDAX energy dispersive spectrometer running Ametek TEAM and Genesis software
  • STEM III imaging of EM grid samples at high contrast
  • Unicolore (monochromator) engages below 5kV to improve image quality
  • Beam blanker - Limits the dose on sensitive, biological samples
  • Quorum cryo-transfer system PP3010T for loading, coating and imaging quick-slush frozen, hydrated specimens without chemical fixation and dehydration changes
  • See FEI website (

Verios XHR SEM