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Example of single color 48h time lapse imaging using the custom built light sheet microscope

The movie (larger version) shows the temporal activation of Notch signalling across the retina from about 24hpf until 72hpf, using the TP1:VenusPEST transgenic zebrafish line. This zebrafish line contains a Notch responsive element (TP1) coupled to a Venus fluorophore which has been destabilized with a PEST sequence for fast degradation. During the movie one can see how Notch is first activated throughout the progenitor population and eventually becomes restricted within the Mueller glial cells.

The imaging was performed on our custom built upright light sheet microscope, using 515 nm excitation and acquiring volumes of  ~300um x 300um x 200um every 2.5 min. Shown are maximum intensity projections in three directions.

These images are taken in collaboration with Xana Almeida & Julia Oswald, Harris group.