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Services and charges

A list of instrument charges

University of Cambridge all Departments and other academic establishments

Instrument£ per hour
SEM FEI Verios 460 56
TEM FEI Tecnai G2 (T20) 80-200kv 58
TriM Scope II multiphoton (First 6 hours) 35
TriM Scope II multiphoton (after 6 hours continuous use) 21
Upright Lightsheet microscope (First 6 hours) 30
Upright Lightsheet microscope (after 6 hours continuous use) 20
Leica SP8 (per hour) 25
Leica LMD 600 laser microdissection 20
Workstation 1 with Imaris 8 (Windows7, 32GB RAM) 3
Workstation 2 (Windows7, 32GB RAM) Free
Workstation 3 (Ubuntu 14.04, 32GB RAM) Free
Workstation 4 (Windows7, 32GB RAM) Free

Please contact  with requests for EM sample preparation services and charges.

All requests for services must be accompanied with a Departmental Order Number entered through PPMS. Charges do not include VAT.