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Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre



The Zeiss LSM 900 for confocal 4D imaging has been designed with high sensitivity and spectral flexibility. The Airyscan 2 with its Multiplex mode allows to profit from smart detection schemes and parallel (=faster) pixel acquisition. 

This system has 2 independent sensitive GaAsP detectors as well as the Airyscan detector which can be used as a normal detector. The Airyscan module allows also image acquisition either in super-resolution mode with lateral resolution below 120nm or in one of many multiplex modes to increase image acquisition speed.

It is ideally suited for live imaging due to the attached incubation chamber, allowing full control of temperature, humidity and/ CO2.

The system comprises 6 objectives (2.5x,10x,20x,40x (oil), 63x (multi-immersion), 63x (oil) for Airyscan) and 4 visible laser lines (405/488/561/638 nm).

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