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Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre


Intermediate resolution scanning TEM for imaging in bright-field and STEM mode (installed in 2008/9)

  • easy-to-use TEM for imaging of biological and materials samples
  • accelerating voltages of 80, 120 and 200 keV
  • LaB6 emission source
  • bright-field imaging; SAED (selected area electron diffraction) for crystalline samples
  • high angle annular darkfield STEM (HAADF-STEM) for Z-contrast imaging
  • compu-stage with ± 60stage tilt for 3D tomography
  • bottom-mounted AMT CCD camera
  • elemental analysis by EDX (Peltier-cooled Ametek silicone drift detector; Genesis/ Team software)
  • two single tilt holders, one low background EDX holder, one tomography holder
  • no cryo capability


FEI Tecnai G2 TEM