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Inverted Structured Illumination Microscope

Model: Zeiss Elyra 7 Lattice SIM

Status: Operational

The system includes

  • 63x oil immersion lens (1.4 and 1.46 NA)
  • Four high power visible CW laser lines (405, 488, 561 and 642 nm)
  • 2 fast and efficient sCMOS cameras.
  • Automated stage for multi-position imaging and tiling.
  • Incubation system for temperature, humidity and CO2 control.

Key Specifications

  • Lateral resolution (XY): 120 nm
  • Axial resolution (Z): 300 nm
  • 17 SIM image frames per second at 512 × 512 resolution and 1 ms exposure time (15 phase images per one SIM image)
  • Simultaneous capture of two channels (filters cubes user for sequential imaging of more channels)

Brief sample preparation notes:

  • SIM operates using typical fluorescence mechanism. Samples prepared as you would for an inverted confocal microscope are suitable
  • SIM resolution relies on projecting very high contrast patterns which sample thickness can perturb. Typical sample thickness for high quality data ~ 10-20 micrometres on imaging quality glass coverslips (#1.5).


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