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Bio-Image Processing Meeting 2019


Time: June 18, 2019, 9:30 am

Location: Lecture Hall, Anatomy building, Downing site

This meeting is focusing on microscopy image analysis and offers a platform for friendly interaction between  quantitative biologists, physicists, mathematicians in and around Cambridge as well as invited speakers from UK and abroad.


Preliminary programme:




9:30 Charles Kervrann INRIA Rennes Statistical methods for intracellular dynamics classification in live cell imaging
Ruby Peters PDN
Post-processing analytics for single molecule localisation microscopy data sets
Steven Lee Dept. of Chemistry
Multidimensional super-resolution imaging
Richard Marsh King's College, London
Artefact Free High Density Localisation Microscopy Analysis
11:20 Break
11:50 George Gordon University of Nottingham
Quantitative phase and polarisation endoscopy applied to detection of early oesophageal tumourigenesis
Guy Blanchard PDN
Image analysis of cell divisions during axis elongation”
Kristian Franze PDN
Using atomic force microscopy to image tissue mechanics in vivo
13:00 Lunch
Andrew Champion
HHMI Janelia Campus / PDN
Correlating light-sheet and electron microscopy for activity-augmented neural circuit wiring diagrams
Berta Verd Dept. of Genetics
Modeling morphodynamics in the developing zebrafish embryo
Yury Korolev DAMTP
Image deblurring with a noisy point spread function in lightsheet microscopy
Till Bretschneider University of Warwick
Reconstructing cell surface dynamics from lightsheet microscopy data: Macropinocytosis in Dictyostelium
15:30 Break
16:00 Stefanie Reichelt CRUK
The Cambridge Imaging & AI Clinic
Andrea Dimitracopoulos PDN
Neural Networks, Kymographs, and KymoButler
Charles Christensen Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Image restoration using deep convolutional neural networks applied to high-speed optical microscopy of living samples
Philipp Schlegel Dept. of Zoology/LMB
Neuroanatomical Comparisons Across Brains
17:15 Cheese & wine





Jerome Boulanger (MRC-LMB), Leila Muresan (CAIC/PDN/SLCU)

Sponsor: EPSRC