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Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre



Bio-Image Processing Meeting 2019


Time: June 18, 2019, 9:30 am

Location: Lecture Hall, Anatomy building, Downing site


This meeting is focusing on microscopy image analysis and offers a platform for friendly interaction between  quantitative biologists, physicists, mathematicians in and around Cambridge as well as invited speakers from UK and abroad.


Preliminary programme:





9:30 Charles Kervrann INRIA Rennes Statistical methods for intracellular dynamics classification in live cell imaging
10:00 Ruby Peters PDN
Post-processing analytics for single molecule localisation microscopy data sets
10:20 Steven Lee Dept. of Chemistry
Multidimensional super-resolution imaging
10:50 Richard Marsh King's College, London
Artefact Free High Density Localisation Microscopy Analysis
11:20 Break    
11:50 George Gordon University of Nottingham
Quantitative phase and polarisation endoscopy applied to detection of early oesophageal tumourigenesis
12:10 Guy Blanchard PDN
Image analysis of cell divisions during axis elongation”
12:30 Kristian Franze PDN
Using atomic force microscopy to image tissue mechanics in vivo
13:00 Lunch    
Andrew Champion
HHMI Janelia Campus / PDN
Correlating light-sheet and electron microscopy for activity-augmented neural circuit wiring diagrams
14:20 Berta Verd Dept. of Genetics
Modeling morphodynamics in the developing zebrafish embryo
14:40 Yury Korolev DAMTP
Image deblurring with a noisy point spread function in lightsheet microscopy
15:00 Till Bretschneider University of Warwick
Reconstructing cell surface dynamics from lightsheet microscopy data: Macropinocytosis in Dictyostelium
15:30 Break    
16:00 Stefanie Reichelt CRUK
The Cambridge Imaging & AI Clinic
16:15 Andrea Dimitracopoulos PDN
Neural Networks, Kymographs, and KymoButler
16:35 Charles Christensen Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Image restoration using deep convolutional neural networks applied to high-speed optical microscopy of living samples
16:55 Philipp Schlegel Dept. of Zoology/LMB
Neuroanatomical Comparisons Across Brains
17:15 Cheese & wine    





Jerome Boulanger (MRC-LMB), Leila Muresan (CAIC/PDN/SLCU)

Sponsor: EPSRC