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Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre


Upright 2-photon scanning fluorescence microscope

Read about the two-photon imaging process here

Model: LaVision BioTec TriM Scope II

Light source: Insight Deepsee

Status: operational

The system includes

  • 25x 1.05 NA water dipping lens with correction collar
  • Insight DeepSee dual-line laser (tunable 710 - 1300 nm line and a fixed 1040 nm line)
  • EOM for fast microsecond laser power switching for treatment and ablation.
  • Resonant (30 fps @ 512x512) and non-resonant scanners
  • 4 channel simultaneous acquisition using: 2 senstive GaAsP, hybrid and red enhanced GaAsP detectors.
  • 2 channel resonant scanning with 2  sensitive GaAsP detectors.
  • Cloud scanner for reduced photo-bleaching (at reduced resolution)
  • 2-Channel TCSPC Detector (FLIM)
  • Automated stage for multi-position imaging and tiling.
  • CCD for widefield fluorescence and brightfield imaging
  • Incubation system for temperature, humidity and CO2 control.

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TriM Scope II by LaVision BioTec