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Custom Built Upright Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope

Our custom built light sheet microscope was developed from ground up towards the requirements of our users. 

The upright geometry allows for easy sample mounting inside a standard petri dish as often required for long time lapse whole organism imaging. Since different organism need different imaging conditions the sample mount can be temperature controlled.  

The operating software is based on Labview. A home build software package allows flexible adaption to experimental requirements, while a clean and intuitive user interface has been developed for the rather complex instrument.


 UprightUILaser UprightUITimeLapse


Standard excitation wavelengths (445nm, 488nm, 515nm, 561nm, 638nm) in combination with a number of emission filters are available to cover a broad range of fluorophores like e.g. CFP, GFP, YFP, mCherry, RFP, DsRed, Alexa... Due to the modular nature of the complete system it can be easily modified to cover other fluorophores.

In addition to one-photon excitation a multi-photon excitation modality (690-1100nm excitation) allows to image deeper into the sample with high signal to noise in a smaller field of view. 

See our Examples for some typical application. 

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