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Confocal microscopes

Leica SP8


The centre's newly acquired Leica TCS SP8 confocal has been designed with optimal photon efficiency and high speed.  This system has 4 detectors (2 GaAsP and 2 PMT) and a motorized xyz-stage.

Objectives: 10x 0.4, 20x 0.75, 40x 1.3 (oil), 63x 1.4 (oil)

laser lines:

7 laser lines (405, 458, 488, 496, 514, 561, and 633) 

  • 2 chilled PMT fluorescence detectors (digital spectral definition in 1 nm increments) plus one transmitted light detector, 8- or 12-bit output, 16-bit possible in galvo mode.
  • 2 high sensitivity, low read noise hybrid GaAsP detector HyD with photon counting mode.
  • Optional resonant scanner for fast imaging
  • xy scanning stage for tiling and multi-point sampling.
  • z-Galvo stage for precision Z-sectioning.
  • Inverted platform for imaging on slides or live cell dishes.
  • AOBS (acousto-optical beam splitter) plus sequential scanning capability allows for rapid sequential scanning of fluorophores with minimal bleed-through or cross-talk.

Leica SP2

The Leica TCS SP2 is a point scanning confocal microscope, based around an inverted DMIRE stand. The system has three photomultiplier tubes for fluorescence imaging with an additional one for transmitted light. It can image a wide choice of fluorochrome dyes including: DAPI, FITC, TRITC, TEXAS RED and CY5.

Laser lines

  • Argon UV, 405nm
  • Multi line Argon; 458nm, 476nm, 488nm, 514nm
  • HeNe; 543nm
  • HeNe; 633nm

Imaging modes

  • Volume x,y,z (3D)
  • time lapse x,y,z,t (4D)
  • live-cell


Confocal sp2 invert table

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