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Comparison of 1 photon and 2 photon excitation using custom built light sheet microscope

The images show a 72hpf Ath5:gapRFP transgenic zebrafish retina. In this transgenic, the Ath5 promotor drives the expression of membrane tagged RFP in retinal ganglion cells as well as in photoreceptors, horizontal and amacrine cells. We can observe the axons of retinal ganglion cells exiting the eye and projecting towards the brain.

This 3d rendering of a single time point shows a comparison of single and two photon imaging on the custom built light sheet microscope. Depending on the actual requirements either excitation scheme can be used. Multi photon allows for better signal-to-noise whereas single photon allows to image a larger area, e.g to get a better overview.

Imaging performed in collaboration with Xana Almeida, Harris group