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Dr Kevin O'Holleran

Dr Kevin O'Holleran


Office Phone: 01223333781


  • super resolution
  • adaptive optics
  • fluorescence microscopy
  • beam shaping

Key Publications

  1. Single Molecule Light Field MicroscopyR. R. Sims, S. Abdul Rehman, M. O. Lenz, A. Clark, E. W. Sanders, A. Ponjavic, L. Muresan, S. F. Lee,  K. O’Holleran. Optica , 7, 9, pp. 1065-1072 (2020)

  2. ThX–a next-generation probe for the early detection of amyloid aggregatesLM Needham et al. Chemical Science (2020)

  3. Light field microsocpy: principles and applications. R. R. Sims, K. O’Holleran & M. Shaw. Infocus, 53, (2019)

  4. A rice Serine/Threonine receptor-like kinase regulates arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis at the peri-arbuscular membrane. R. Roth et al. Nature Comm., 94677 (2018)

  5. Activation of the Notch Signaling Pathway In Vivo Elicits Changes in CSL Nuclear DynamicsM. J. Gomez-Lamarca et. al. Developmental Cell44, 1-13 (2018)

  6. Maximizing the field of view and accuracy in 3D Single Molecule Localization Microscopy.  S. Abdul Rehman, A. R. Carr, M. O. Lenz, S. F. Lee and K. O’Holleran. Optics Express, 26, (4) 4631-4637 (2018).

  7. High speed structured illumination microscopy in optically thick samplesM. Shaw, L. Zajiczek & K. O'Holleran. Methods, 1046-2023 (2015)

  8. Optimized approaches for optical sectioning and resolution enhancement in 2D structured illumination microscopy. K. O'Holleran and M. Shaw. Biomedical Optics Express5, pp. 2580-2590 (2014)

  9. Investigation of the confocal wavefront sensor and its application to biological microscopyM. Shaw, K. O’Holleran and C. Patterson. Optics Express, 21, pp. 19353-19362 (2013).

  10. Polarization effects on contrast in structured illumination microscopy. K. O’Holleran and M. Shaw. Optics Letters37, 4603-4605 (2012).

  11. Isolated optical vortex knots. M. R. Dennis, R. P. King, B. Jack, K. O’Holleran and M. J. Padgett. Nature Physics 6, 118-121 (2010).

  12. Optical Vortices and Polarization Singularities. M. R. Dennis, K. O’Holleran and M. J. Padgett. Singular Optics: . Progr. Opt. 53, 293-364 (2009), doi: 10.1016/S0079-6638(08)00205-9

  13. Topology of light’s darkness. K. O’Holleran, M. R. Dennis and M. J. Padgett. . Phys. Rev. Lett.102, 143902 (2009).

  14. Fractality of light’s darkness. K. O’Holleran, F. Flossmann, M. R. Dennis and M. J. Padgett. .Phys. Rev. Lett.100, 053902, (2008).

  15. Topology of optical vortex lines formed by the interference of three, four and five plane waves. K. O’Holleran, M. J. Padgett and M. R. Dennis.  Opt. Express14, (7):3039-3044, (2006).