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Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre

Microscopy image analysis, algorithm design and implementation


The revolution brought into the field of light microscopy by the discovery of the green fluorescent protein and the advent of coupled charged devices enabled the move toward a more systematic and quantitative analysis of microscopy images. The fast evolving fields of image processing and computer vision allow us to mine the data at an unprecedented level. In my work, I focus on well-grounded statistical and variational methods for image analysis. I work in a responsive collaborative mode but also investigate two areas related to nanoscopy and light sheet image analysis (both imaging techniques supported in Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre)

  • Nanoscopy image analysis: single molecule localisation microscopy allows imaging at tens of nanometer resolution. In order to extract relevant information, I apply computer vision and spatial statistics approaches to the resulting 2D or 3D point datasets.
  • Light sheet image analysis: this gentle method based on parsimonious sample illumination allows imaging for long periods of time, resulting in large data sets that need to be analysed with minimal human interaction. Besides typical tasks such as segmentation and tracking, I am interested in rapid multi-view image reconstruction (fusion) and restauration based on spatially varyiant deblurring adapted to the specific light sheet image formation model.